As a Compter Science Major Why I Became a Content Writer & How? Part 1

Among the many jobs that I could have done, I chose to be a content writer( marketer). More so after majoring in Computer Science.

So, Why I Became a Content Writer?

When I was studying for my BSC, I was still not sure what I should do. I was an average student but I had the ability to grasp any subject after the concept was clear. I was the type of student that used to do my friend’s homework. And also teach them before the exam.

I have done two thesises. One for myself and one for my friend. So, I was that kind of student. But I was still not sure what line of work I should do. At first, I thought I would go to web development.

But I was not confident with my knowledge of creating a site from scratch by understanding the user’s requirements. You must be wondering what didn’t I choose the other subjects like app development, .NET,etc.

Well, let me tell you that the knowledge that I gained from my varsity was not enough to compete in the industry level. I used to admire the students who were great at coding and was doing competitions. So, I started to solve coding problems with my friend. We used to hang around late nights and try to solve the problems.

But, time was not on my side. We started late and in no time we were at the end of our varsity life. Sadly we couldn’t continue.

But I was still struggling on what to do. Then on the eve of my semester break a job post was given on our batch Facebook page. It was a job for a content writer or technical writer at that time.

So, a friend of mine mentioned me in the comment section and told me to have a look. I found the job post interesting and I said, why not, let’s give it a try.

I was in the dark about the role of a content writer and what he/she had to do. I didn’t know that there was a job position by that name. You can say that I went for the interview without knowing much about the job.

So, after 2 assignments, 3 interviews, 1 written exam, I am now a content writer at a reputed company.

I will talk about the role of my content writer at the next part.

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