How to Create and Customize WordPress Menus

Create and customize WordPress menu

Creating and customizing menus in WordPress is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to create and customize WordPress menus: Step 1: Access the WordPress Menu Screen Log in to your WordPress site, and then navigate to the Appearance >…

The Shoe Dog: Learn From Buck Knight

The shoe dog

I finished reading “Shoe Dog: a Memoir of Phil Knight” the creator of Nike or the Co-founder as he says. First of all, I liked the book very much. It was intriguing, soulful and gave me the feeling I was…

What are Best Work Boots for Your Feet?

What are the best Work boots for your feet

If you suffer from sore feet at work, it’s important to consider the cause. General soreness may be the result of poorly fitting boots. Heel pain can result from frequent impacts. While the best work boots for sore feet undoubtedly…

What is My Foot Type?

what is My Foot Type

As people come in millions of different sizes, feet come in millions of different shapes. There are some people who believe foot shape can tell us about our ancestors, and others claim it can tell us about our personalities. Learning…