Want to Pet a Dog? Here Are the Top 5 Dog Breeds You Can Start With!

No matter how much food your dog tries to steal from your plate, he will always be a great companion. The bond between humans and dogs is undeniably strong no matter what. 

In a study 40% of the dog owners were seen to be admitting sharing everything with their dogs. So there you go, you got your all time ranting partner. 

Different scientific studies have shown how dogs have been helping people with their stress, grief, and health. Having a dog makes you less lonely. Dogs keep you happy with their constant cuddles. It has been clinically proven that dogs keep you stress free, which is good for your heart.

So if you are thinking of getting your constant companion finally here are some options you can choose from as your first pet. 

Mixed Breeds: 

Okay! So the argument between a mutt or a pure breed has been there for the longest amount of time. Mutts aka mixed breeds are considered to be better as pets.

This might have been fueled by two reasons, one is that mixed breeds are more likely to be healthier than pure breeds, they tend to leave longer. Mutts have lower chances of inheriting congenital diseases due to the mating process where they leave out the defective genes. 

The study by Bellumori et al in 2013 used medical records from the veterinary clinic at UC Davis for more than 27,000 dogs and compared the incidence of 24 genetic disorders in mixed versus purebred dogs.

  • The incidence of 10 genetic disorders (42%) was significantly greater in purebred dogs.
  • The incidence of 1 disorder (ruptured cranial cruciate ligament; 4%) was greater in mixed breed dogs.

Mixed breeds can adapt real easily to a new atmosphere. Also mutts are sold at a much lower price than pure breeds. Though there are mixed breeds which are sold at higher prices than pure breeds. Such as Puggles(Pug+Beagle).

Though there are some arguments about mutts being the better pets. For mutts you cannot be sure about their size, if it will turn into a big dog or a small one. So you must have an open mind if you are to go for a mixed breed. 

The best place to get mutts can be shelters. As you only has to pay for the vaccines, spay which will cost within $50-$200. 

Here I am attaching a report where the data speaks. 

Golden Retriever: 

Here comes my favourite breed of all time. No, i dont own one but hopefully someday I will. I have been a dog lover all my life since I can remember. 

Golden retrievers or GR’s are one of the most friendliest dogs. Considered as amazing house dogs. They are loyal, have great temperament, and their tolerant attitude makes them great  house dogs. They are usually great with kids and can be very protective of their humans. 

Grs are also great therapy dogs, they are very intelligent hence very easy to train. They are also used by law enforcement, hunters, tracking and service dogs. 

So if you want a wholesome doggo, Golden Retrievers are for you my friend.


Bulldogs make excellent companions to kids. Bulldogs are loyal and very much adaptable to any kind of atmosphere. Be it a small house or a large one they will be completely fine. Bulls are exactly not the kind to be exercised on a daily basis but they do need their daily walks 

Being an affectionate, loyal and docile dog, bulls go very well with kids as well as they also get along with other pets. 

However if you are considering getting a bulldog you have to be extra careful about their teeth cleaning due to their compressed jawline.also the fold on their tail and the wrinkles in their face needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt buildup. Otherwise their cot requires minimal care.

Getting a bulldog comes with wheezing, snoring and some drooling in the package.

Irish Setter:

Lacking motivation to work out regularly? Get an irish setter.

These red haired dogs are mostly known for their high energetic behavior. A perfect dog for highly energetic families. They need to be exercised regularly.

Their red hairs tend to be perfect family dogs as they hate to be alone, they need constant company, so if you have a large energetic family go for them. 

Their coat needs care, regular grooming and brushing from getting hair matts. 

Irish setters are good for families with a yard as they are extremely playful and love to be outdoors. Also, they are good at greeting new people. 


If you want a dog with low maintenance beagles are the one for you. 

With their compact size, short coat and intelligence they tend to be a perfect house dog. They have a calm temperament  so they are good with people and kids. 

Very playful dogs love the outdoors and treks. Beagles are also used for hunting purposes. Their sturdy structure doesn’t let them be tired.

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