Sherlock Holmes: A Case Study

In 1893 when author sir Arthur Conan Doyle shoved famous detective Sherlock Holmes off the Reichenbach Falls and killed him, he thought that was the end of it. However, he couldn’t have known that was just the beginning of a new legend. When Sir Doyle killed Sherlock Holmes, the masses revolted against it. Many men in London wore black capes in order to mourn the death of the beloved detective. And that was the beginning of a new fandom. Till date, the Sherlock Holmes fandom has grown exponentially. Sherlock Holmes, till date has been one of the most complicated and enigmatic characters ever written. The self-proclaimed consulting detective’s most interesting qualities are his superior intelligence, fascinating observation skills, and deductions. But to us readers, Sherlock Holmes is more than just his fancy deductions. His way of working draws the readers in. He may be highly intelligent but at the same time is quite stupid in matters of the heart. He is proficient in the subjects of physics, chemistry, mathematics, anatomy to name a few. He is also an advent lover of music and plays the violin. However, he’s not just talented in matters of intellect and arts but also in fencing, boxing, and the singlestick.

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However, he is not perfect by any means and has flaws like any other being. At first glance many consider him a cold and ruthless man, with his high intelligence, calculating personality and single-minded focus on his work. He holds himself above human affairs but at the same time is deeply involved in them. I, on the other hand find his arrogance slightly annoying but still endearing nonetheless. According to Watson’s narration, he is irritable, untidy and moody. Holmes is prone to sudden bouts of mania when plagued with boredom. During those times he plays the violin, violently I will say. Also accompanied by his use of drugs. In the Sherlock fandom, Holmes use of drugs has always created controversy. When faced with boredom he uses drugs to stimulate his brain, he favours the cocaine to other drugs. Holmes adventures as he runs across London’s street chasing after criminals and clues related to the case are fun for the readers. He always leaves us wanting for the final climax of the story. His mystery solving skills always leaves the readers baffled. It is quite a refreshing experience for the readers.

One cannot mention Sherlock Holmes without remembering his ever faithful companion Dr John Watson. Dr. Watson is an ex army doctor returned from war at the continent. After his retirement, he met Holmes and the two shared an apartment in 221B, Baker Street. Sherlock’s adventures as he runs through the streets of London are told from the viewpoint of the good doctor. Dr. Watson is fascinated by his friend’s intelligence and analyzing abilities and this fascination has infected the readers as well. Through Watson’s stories we get a look on the inner thoughts of Holmes which makes readers feel closer to the defective.

Though a historical character, Sherlock Holmes has been a timeless existence. With modern-day adaptions such as BBC’s Sherlock, Irregulars etc adaptions this fact has been proven again and again. While Sherlock Holmes may seem perfect, the fact is that he is loved more for his flaws than his perfections. His eccentricities attract the readers and enamor him to them.

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